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Fruit of Munronii - Mug

By :Ayushi Rastogi 0 comments
Fruit of Munronii - Mug

I craft every mug with great attention to detail. To make use of a machine gives me a stage to freely perform my perfectionistic endeavours.

Every time I sit on the wheel, my goal is to be in balance and sensitive to every touch while the wheel moves at a certain speed.

To be aware of every single movement is the most challenging yet thrilling part of wheel pottery.

My mugs won’t be wonky and quirky until I crack the code of a balanced mug before I can deform it yet maintaining the balance.

As a product designer, form will always follow function. One should avoid uncomfortable daily objects as they slowly start straining the muscles of one’s hands.

I have worked hard and achieved the sensitivity to be able to make even-walled lightweight pottery.
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