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Ayushi Rastogi (Ayra)

Born in the foothills of the Himalayas, I lived my childhood with the mountains. Always inspired by the dynamism of nature, I would spend most of my time outdoors. The flow of natural forms started to make more sense to me after I completed my graduation in design as a Product Designer.

After slowing down, I started feeling an urge to express and create. The day I was introduced to clay, a new perspective was revealed. I began to realize how working with something malleable satisfied my limitless endeavors by manifesting them into a third dimension.


Being a self taught potter, it took me years to befriend the Clay. Initial years of failure are what made me the person I am today. Walking the path at our own pace, we’ve reached a point where we listen to each other. I surrendered to the Clay completely. Today, it’s a process of love between the hands of a human and the Clay. It’s a union of two different forms of one Nature.

The touch of clay on my fingers feels like a conversation between two different forms of matter connecting over each other’s sensitivity.


The purpose is to mindfully craft daily objects using fired earth as the material. It’s time to make changes in our existing lifestyles and move to a more sustainable way of living.

I wish to encourage the feeling of warmth and exchange of thought through the energy of handmade objects. I believe in mindfully crafted pottery that reflects the relationship between the maker and her material.


After years of practice I’m able to make thin and lightweight pottery. Inspired by the Japanese, balance is the most importance part of my life. Pottery has taught me its importance as it requires great balance and a pair of sensitive hands to be able to make thin and even walled pottery.

I believe in using every bit of my material consciously. I see heavy pottery as wastage of material due to lack of skill.