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The Marble Bowl

Rs. 780.00 Rs. 720.00

Marbling is a technique of using two more colored clays and working it together to simulate the pattern of naturally occurring marble stones. The clay is formed into a sheet and then the desired shape is formed with hands. There are two colors used in this bowl.

Process: Hand Built
Material & Firing Temperature:
Stoneware fired at 1223°C, non-toxic glaze formulated by the artist
Height: 3.3cm; Mouth Diameter: 13.5cm
Max Weight: 190gms
Care: Microwave safe; Dishwasher safe; Handle with care
Color: Blue

All the products are handcrafted therefore there might be slight variation in size. The pictures were taken in window-light making the colour vary slightly from the picture due to the screen brightness

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All the pieces are either hand built or wheel thrown with a mid fired non-toxic glaze.


All our products are safely shipped in 100% biodegradable material


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The Marble Bowl

The Marble Bowl

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock